Whether you’re responding to seismic changes in your industry or attempting to adopt a longer-term approach, changing your company’s future orientation could provide significant advantages. Research has proven that companies with a strong future orientation tend to be more efficient and more creative. To make your organization more future-oriented you can motivate managers and employees to develop and implement new methods and strategies that help the company better prepare for the future and adjust to emerging trends.

In order to develop future-oriented innovation using a dialogic approach, it is necessary to evaluate potential obstacles and business opportunities. This can be done by using the framework of futures literacy that incorporates futures knowledge and awareness and the capability to make decisions about the future. Futures literacy is the ability of a person or organization to identify futures, construct them, and then articulate them. It is based on the belief that the process of creating and articulating futures is multidisciplinary. It involves numerous domains, spheres and stakeholders. Futures awareness is an individual’s ability to recognize future possibilities. It is based on how they see the world. of the world.

Future-oriented innovation can be made by creating products and services that enhance people’s lives. These improvements are the result of collaboration between many https://datatraininst.com/2021/11/12/three-reasons-why-your-company-needs-a-virtual-data-room high tech process stakeholders and require a complex examination of the current problems and alternatives. This kind of innovation requires a complete epistemic clarity and the ability to listen to suggestions for the long-term future.


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